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List of Arctic species

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Class: Polychaeta
Subclass: SCOLECIDA Rouse & Fauchald,1997

Family: CAPITELLIDAE Grube, 1862
Common polychaetes. Cylindrical shape of body: anterior part with capillary chaeta and posterior part with long-handled hooks.

      Genus: Capitella de Blainville,1828
hand   Species: Capitella capitata (Fabricius, 1780)

      Genus: Heteromastus Eisig,1887
hand   Species: Heteromastus filiformis (Claparéde, 1864)

      Genus: Notomastus M. Sars,1850
hand   Species: Notomastus latericeus Sars, 1851

Family: COSSURIDAE Day, 1963
Mainly in mixed sand and muds of deeper sea. Small (up to 20mm) with characteristic mid-dorsal branchia.

      Genus: Cossura Webster & Benedict,1887
hand   Species: Cossura longocirrata Webster & Benedict, 1887
hand   Species: Cossura pygodactylata Jones,1956

Family: MALDANIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Bamboo-worms. Body of set number of long cyrindrical segments with low rows of hooked chaetae.

      Genus: Axiothella Verrill,1900
hand   Species: Axiothella catenata (Malmgren, 1865)

      Genus: Chirimia Light,1991
hand   Species: Chirimia biceps (M. Sars, 1861)

      Genus: Clymenura Verrill,1900
hand   Species: Clymenura polaris (Théel, 1879)

      Genus: Lumbriclymene M. Sars, in G.O. Sars,1872
hand   Species: Lumbriclymene minor Arwidsson, 1906

      Genus: Maldane Grube,1860
hand   Species: Maldane sarsi Malmgren, 1865

      Genus: Nicomache Malmgren,1865
hand   Species: Nicomache lumbricalis (Fabricius, 1780)

      Genus: Notoproctus Arwidsson,1906
hand   Species: Notoproctus oculatus Arwidsson, 1906

      Genus: Petaloproctus de Quatrefages,1866
hand   Species: Petaloproctus borealis Arwidsson,1906
hand   Species: Petaloproctus tenuis (Théel, 1879)

      Genus: Praxillella Verrill,1881
hand   Species: Praxillella gracilis (M. Sars, 1861)
hand   Species: Praxillella praetermissa (Malmgren, 1865)

      Genus: Rhodine Malmgren,1865
hand   Species: Rhodine gracilior Tauber, 1879

Family: OPHELIIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Fixed number of segments (30-60). Different body shape depending on species.

      Genus: Ophelia de Savigny,1822
hand   Species: Ophelia limacina (Rathke, 1843)

      Genus: Ophelina Örsted,1843
hand   Species: Ophelina acuminata Örsted, 1843

      Genus: Travisia Johnston,1840
hand   Species: Travisia forbesii Johnston, 1840

Family: ORBINIIDAE Hartman, 1942
Burrowers. Up to several hundreds segments, with anterior thoracic region and more fragile abdomen.

      Genus: Leitoscoloplos Day,1977
hand   Species: Leitoscoloplos mammosus Mackie, 1987

      Genus: Naineris de Blainville,1828
hand   Species: Naineris quadricuspida (Fabricius, 1780)

      Genus: Scoloplos de Blainville,1828
hand   Species: Scoloplos armiger (Müller, 1776)

Family: PARAONIDAE Cerruti, 1909
In deeper waters, relatively little known. Small (up to 40 mm), with up to 200 segments and fragile body.

      Genus: Aricidea Webster, 1879
hand   Species: Aricidea (Allia) suecica Eliason, 1920
hand   Species: Aricidea quadrilobata Webster & Benedict, 1887

      Genus: Cirrophorus Ehlers,1908
hand   Species: Cirrophorus eliasoni (Mackie, 1991)

      Genus: Paraonella Strelzov, 1973
hand   Species: Paraonella nordica Strelzov, 1968

      Genus: Levinsenia Mesnil, 1897
hand   Species: Levinsenia gracilis (Tauber, 1879)

Family: SCALIBREGMATIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Maggot worms. Up to 60 mm, 30-60 segments. Body short and stout or more elongate, with body tapering from an anterior wide point.

      Genus: Scalibregma Rathke, 1843
hand   Species: Scalibregma inflatum Rathke, 1843

Subclass: PALPATA Rouse & Fauchald,1997

CANALIPALPATA Rouse & Fauchald,1997

Order: Terebellida
Suborder: Cirratuliformia

Family: ACROCIRRIDAE Banse, 1969
In intertidal and shallow coarse sediments and muds. Small to moderate size (5-150 mm).

      Genus: Macrochaeta Grube,1850
hand   Species: Macrochaeta clavicornis (M.Sars, 1835)

Family: CIRRATULIDAE Carus, 1863
Taxonomically problematic group. Body not distinctly regionated, but the anterior and posterior parts are shorter and wider than those in mid body. Most less than 50 mm.

      Genus: Cirratulus de Lamarck,1801
hand   Species: Cirratulus cirratus (O. F. Müller, 1776)

      Genus: Dodecaceria Örsted,1843
hand   Species: Dodecaceria concharum Örsted, 1843

      Genus: Tharyx Webster & Benedict, 1887
hand   Species: Tharyx sp.

      Genus: Aphelochaeta J.A. Blake,1991
hand   Species: Aphelochaeta marioni (de Saint Joseph, 1894)

      Genus: Chaetozone Malmgren,1867
hand   Species: Chaetozone christei Chambers, 2000
hand   Species: Chaetozone setosa Malmgren, 1867
hand   Species: Chaetozone jubata Chambers & Woodham, 2003

Family: FLABELLIGERIDAE de Saint-Joseph, 1894
Bristle-cage worms. Papillose body, often coated with thick covering of sediment. Head completely retractable between anterior segments. Not more than 100 segments, body from 5 to 220 mm.

      Genus: Brada Stimpson,1854
hand   Species: Brada villosa (Rathke, 1843)
hand   Species: Brada inhabilis (Rathke, 1843)
hand   Species: Brada rugosa (Hansen, 1882)

      Genus: Flabelligera M. Sars,1829
hand   Species: Flabelligera affinis M. Sars, 1829

      Genus: Pherusa Oken,1807
hand   Species: Pherusa plumosa (Müller, 1776)

      Genus: Diplocirrus Haase,1915
hand   Species: Diplocirrus longisetosus (Marenzeller, 1890)

Suborder: Terebelliformia

Family: PECTINARIIDAE de Quatrefages, 1866
Ice-cream cone or trumpet worms. Mainly in shallow sediments. In elegant cone-shaped tubes, constracted from sand, small shells or other small particles. From 10 to 250 mm, not more than 20 chaetigerous segments.

      Genus: Pectinaria de Lamarck, 1818
hand   Species: Pectinaria (Cistenides) hyperborea (Malmgren, 1866)

Family: AMPHARETIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Tubicolous, with multiple grooved tentacles easily retractable into the mouth. 10-60 mm long. Two distinct regions of the body: thoracic with biramous parapodia and an abdomen with neuropodia only.

      Genus: Amage Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Amage auricula Malmgren, 1866

      Genus: Ampharete Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Ampharete finmarchica (M. Sars, 1864)
hand   Species: Ampharete goesi Malmgren, 1866

      Genus: Amphicteis Grube,1850
hand   Species: Amphicteis gunneri (M. Sars, 1835)

      Genus: Anobothrus Levinsen,1884
hand   Species: Anobothrus gracilis (Malmgren, 1866)
hand   Species: Anobothrus laubieri (Desbruyeres, 1978)

      Genus: Glyphanostomum Levinsen,1884
hand   Species: Glyphanostomum pallescens (Theel, 1879)

      Genus: Lysippe Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Lysippe labiata Malmgren, 1866

      Genus: Melinna Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Melinna cristata (M. Sars, 1851)
hand   Species: Melinna elisabethae McIntosh,1922

      Genus: Sabellides H. Milne-Edwards,1838, emend. Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Sabellides borealis Sars, 1856

Family: TEREBELLIDAE Grube, 1851
Spagetti worms. Large diversity of forms, from 10 to 300 mm. With multiple grooved tentacles. Two distinct parts of body in addition to head: thoracic region with biramous parapodia and long tapering abdomen with neuropodia only.

      Genus: Amphitrite O.F. Müller,1771
hand   Species: Amphitrite cirrata (O. F. Müller, 1771)

      Genus: Axionice Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Axionice maculata (Dalyell, 1853)

      Genus: Lanassa Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Lanassa nordenskioldi Malmgren, 1866

      Genus: Leaena Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Leaena ebranchiata (M. Sars, 1865)

      Genus: Neoamphitrite Hessle,1917
hand   Species: Neoamphitrite affinis (Malmgren, 1866)
hand   Species: Neoamphitrite groenlandica (Malmgren, 1866)

      Genus: Nicolea Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Nicolea zostericola Örsted, 1844

      Genus: Proclea de Saint-Joseph,1894
hand   Species: Proclea malmgreni (Ssolowiew, 1899)

      Genus: Hauchiella Levinsen,1893
hand   Species: Hauchiella tribullata (McIntosh, 1869)

      Genus: Thelepus Leuckart,1849
hand   Species: Thelepus cincinnatus (Fabricius, 1780)

      Genus: Artacama Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Artacama proboscidea Malmgren, 1866

      Genus: Laphania Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Laphania boecki Malmgren, 1866

      Genus: Polycirrus Grube,1850
hand   Species: Polycirrus arcticus Sars, 1865

      Genus: Terebellides M. Sars,1835
hand   Species: Terebellides stroemi Sars, 1835

      Genus: Trichobranchus Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Trichobranchus glacialis Malmgren, 1866
hand   Species: Trichobranchus roseus (Malm, 1874)
hand   Species: Trichobranchus sikorski Leontovich & Jirkov, sp. nov.

Order: Spionida

Family: APISTOBRANCHIDAE Mesnil & Caullery,1898
Tubiculous. 10-400 mm, less than 60 segments.

      Genus: Apistobranchus Levinsen,1883
hand   Species: Apistobranchus tullbergi (Théel, 1879)

Family: CHAETOPTERIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Little is known about the group. Easily fragmented in collection.

      Genus: Spiochaetopterus M.Sars, 1853
hand   Species: Spiochaetopterus typicus M.Sars, 1856

Family: SPIONIDAE Grube, 1850
With easily lost pair of elongate grooved palps extending from the head. From several millimeters to several centimeters.

      Genus: Prionospio Malmgren,1867
hand   Species: Prionospio cirrifera Wiren, 1883

      Genus: Spiophanes Grube,1860
hand   Species: Spiophanes kroyeri Grube, 1860

      Genus: Dipolydora Verrill,1879
hand   Species: Dipolydora quadrilobata (Jacobi, 1883)
hand   Species: Dipolydora coeca (Örsted, 1843)

      Genus: Glyphochaeta Bick, 2005
hand   Species: Glyphochaeta laudieni Bick, 2005

      Genus: Spio Fabricius, 1785
hand   Species: Spio armata (Thulin, 1957)

      Genus: Laonice Malmgren, 1867
hand   Species: Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851)

Order: Sabellida

Family: OWENIIDAE Rioja, 1917
In distinctive tightly fitting sediments tubes. Body elongate, cylindrical, with 20-30 segments. From 10 – 100 mm, with tubes larger and reaching 200-300 mm.

      Genus: Owenia delle Chiaje, 1841
hand   Species: Owenia fusiformis delle Chiaje, 1841

      Genus: Galathowenia Kirkegaard,1959
hand   Species: Galathowenia fragilis (Nilson & Holthe, 1985)
hand   Species: Galathowenia oculata (Zachs, 1923)

      Genus: Myriochele Malmgren,1867
hand   Species: Myriochele heeri Malmgren, 1867

Family: SABELLIDAE Johnston, 1846
Feather-duster worms, with radiolar crown and mucus/parchment/sediment tubes. From 0.85 mm to 450 mm, 11 – hundreds of segments.

      Genus: Chone Kröyer,1856
hand   Species: Chone fauveli McIntosh,1916
hand   Species: Chone spp.

      Genus: Fabricia de Blainville,1828
hand   Species: Fabricia stellaris stellaris (O. F. Müller, 1774)

      Genus: Euchone Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Euchone analis (Kröyer, 1856)

      Genus: Laonome Malmgren,1866
hand   Species: Laonome kroeyeri Malmgren, 1866

Family: SERPULIDAE de Lamarck, 1818
Fanworms. With radiolar crown, in calcareous tubes. From 2 to 100 mm.

      Genus: Ditrupa Berkeley,1835
hand   Species: Ditrupa arietina (O. F. Müller, 1776)

      Genus: Protula Risso,1826
hand   Species: Protula tubularia (Montagu, 1803)

      Genus: Placostegus Philippi,1844
hand   Species: Placostegus tridentatus (Fabricius, 1779)

      Genus: Bushiella Knight-Jones,1973
hand   Species: Bushiella (Jugaria) quadrangularis (Stimpson, 1854)
hand   Species: Bushiella (Jugaria) similis (Bush, 1905)

      Genus: Metavermilia Bush,1904
hand   Species: Metavermilia arctica Kupriyanova, 1993

ACICULATA Rouse & Fauchald, 1997

Order: Amphinomida

Family: EUPHROSINIDAE Williams, 1851
Morphologically uniform, with short body, as long as wide. With characteristic brittle, calcareous chaetae.

      Genus: Euphrosine de Lamarck,1818
hand   Species: Euphrosine borealis Örsted, 1843

Order: Eunicida

Family: DORVILLEIDAE Chamberlin, 1919
Morphologically heterogeneous group. From few segments and micrometers in length to several centimeters and large number of segments.

      Genus: Parougia Wolf,1986
hand   Species: Parougia sp.

      Genus: Ophryotrocha Claparède & Mecznikow, 1869
hand   Species: Ophryotrocha cosmetandra Oug, 1990
hand   Species: Ophryotrocha cf. scarlatoi Averincev, 1989
hand   Species: Ophryotrocha spatula Fournier & Conlan, 1994

Family: LUMBRINERIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Medium-sized to large worms, from few centimeters to over half of meter in length and several hundreds of segments. Free living with jaws.

      Genus: Lumbrineris de Blainville, 1828
hand   Species: Lumbrineris fragilis (O.F.Müller, 1766)
hand   Species: Lumbrineris mixochaeta Oug, 1998

Family: ONUPHIDAE Kinberg, 1865
Anterior part often cylindrical and widest becoming medially and posteriorly more flattened. Most tubiculous.

      Genus: Paradiopatra Ehlers, 1887
hand   Species: Paradiopatra quadricuspis (M. Sars in G.O. Sars, 1872)

      Genus: Nothria Malmgren,1867
hand   Species: Nothria conchylega (Sars, 1835)

Order: Phyllodocida
Suborder: Aphroditiformia

Family: APHRODITIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Scale worms with simple chaetae. Dorso-ventrally flattened. Sea mice within the group.

      Genus: Laetmonice Kinberg, 1855
hand   Species: Laetmonice filicornis Kinberg, 1855

Family: PHOLOIDAE Kinberg, 1858
Small (up to 20 mm, up to 90 segments), short-bodied scale worms. Stiff body.

      Genus: Pholoe Johnston,1839
hand   Species: Pholoe assimilis Örsted, 1845

Family: POLYNOIDAE Kinberg, 1855
Scale worms with simple chaetae. Dorso-ventrally flattened.

      Genus: Harmothoe Kinberg,1855
hand   Species: Harmothoe imbricata (Linnaeus, 1767)

      Genus: Eunoe Malmgren,1865
hand   Species: Eunoe oerstedi Malmgren, 1865

      Genus: Gattyana McIntosh, 1897 emend. Pettibone, 1953
hand   Species: Gattyana cirrhosa (Pallas, 1766)

      Genus: Bylgides Chamberlin, 1919
hand   Species: Bylgides elegans (Théel, 1879)
hand   Species: Bylgides groenlandicus (Malmgren, 1867)

      Genus: Enipo Malmgren,1865
hand   Species: Enipo torelli (Malmgren, 1865)

Suborder: Nereidiformia

Family: CHRYSOPETALIDAE Ehlers, 1864
With golden, flattened notochaetae that cover the dorsum. Small to moderate size, from 1 to 50mm and 10 to over 300 segments. Dorso-ventrally flattened with paleae or more elliptical and resemble.

      Genus: Dysponetus Levinsen, 1879
hand   Species: Dysponetus pygmaeus Levinsen, 1879

Family: HESIONIDAE M.Sars, 1862
Common in sublittoral, especially in rocky or mixed bottom. Heterogeneous, from few millimeters to several centimeters. Extremely fragile.

      Genus: Nereimyra de Blainville, 1828
hand   Species: Nereimyra punctata (Müller, 1776)

      Genus: Microphthalmus Mecznikow, 1865
hand   Species: Microphthalmus sp.

Family: NEREIDIDAE Johnston, 1845
Ragworms. From few millimeters to over meter long, from 15 to several hundreds segments. The most familiar family.

      Genus: Nereis Linnaeus, 1758
hand   Species: Nereis zonata Malmgren, 1867
hand   Species: Nereis pelagica Linnaeus, 1758

Family: SYLLIDAE Grube, 1850
Large, variable but highly characteristic group.

      Genus: Syllis de Lamarck, 1818
hand   Species: Syllis cornuta Rathke, 1843

      Genus: Sphaerosyllis Claparède, 1863
hand   Species: Sphaerosyllis erinaceus Claparède, 1863

      Genus: Myrianida Milne Edwards, 1845
hand   Species: Myrianida sp.

      Genus: Exogone Örsted, 1845
hand   Species: Exogone naidina Örsted, 1845

Suborder: Phyllodocida unplaced

Family: GLYCERIDAE Grube, 1850
Venomous. From 1 cm to over half a meter with several hundreds of segments. Body cylindrical to dorso-ventrally flattened in transverse section and anteriorly and posteriorly tapers to fine points.

      Genus: Glycera de Lamarck, 1818
hand   Species: Glycera lapidum Quatrefages, 1866

Family: NEPHTYIDAE Grube, 1850
Abundant in shallow waters. Difficult to identify to species level. In transverse sections body characteristically rectangular. From few millimeters to 30-40cm, with anterior end larger and the posterior end tapering.

      Genus: Nephtys Cuvier, 1817
hand   Species: Nephtys ciliata (O.F. Müller, 1776)
hand   Species: Nephtys incisa Malmgren, 1865
hand   Species: Nephtys paradoxa Malm, 1874
hand   Species: Nephtys pente Rainer, 1984

      Genus: Aglaophamus Kinberg, 1865
hand   Species: Aglaophamus malmgreni (Théel, 1879)

Family: PHYLLODOCIDAE Örsted, 1843
Paddle-worms. With large and flattened dorsal cirri. Vary in size from few millimeters to over a meter and in number of segments from 20 to thousand.

      Genus: Phyllodoce de Lamarck, 1818
hand   Species: Phyllodoce (Anaitides) groenlandica Örsted, 1842

      Genus: Eteone de Savigny, 1822
hand   Species: Eteone flava (Fabricius, 1780)
hand   Species: Eteone longa (Fabricius, 1780)
hand   Species: Eteone spetsbergensis Malmgren, 1865
hand   Species: Eteone barbata Malmgren, 1865

      Genus: Eumida Malmgren,1865
hand   Species: Eumida arctica (Annenkova, 1946)

Family: SPHAERODORIDAE Malmgren, 1867
Body surface covered by conspicuous macro- and microtubercles and/or papillae, which are often segmentally arranged in transverse rows. Small to medium sized. Short and grub-like with up to 30 segments or elongated and slender with more segments.

      Genus: Sphaerodoridium Lützen,1961
hand   Species: Sphaerodoridium sp.

      Genus: Sphaerodoropsis Hartman & Fauchald, 1971
hand   Species: Sphaerodoropsis sp.
hand   Species: Sphaerodoropsis philippi (Fauvel, 1911)

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