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Bylgides groenlandicus (Malmgren, 1867)

Antinoe groenlandica Malmgren, 1867
Antinoe promamme Malmgren, 1867 part
Antinoe sarsii forma occidentalis Malm, 1874
Polynoe badia Théel, 1879 part
Antinoella angusta Pettibone, 1963
Harmothoe sarsi promamme Hartmann-Schröder, 1974
Bylgides groenlandicus Pettibone, 1993
Antinoella plumosa Fauchald,1972

Distinguishing characteristics
Prostomium bilobed, with a peak on each lobe, lateral antennae ventrally inserted.
Anterior pair of eyes on the line of greatest width.
Neuropodial chaetae very long, filamentous with a long spinose part and capillary tip.
Scales without microtubercles.

Species description
A scale-worm with a relatively wide body, 39 chaetigers. Prostomium bilobed with a peak on each lobe, median and lateral antennae papillate and a pair of palps. Two pairs of eyes, the anterior pair on the line of greatest width, the posterior pair in front of the rear margin. First segment with 3 chaetae and a pair of dorsal and ventral tentacular cirri. Scales oval to round, surface covered with scattered short, delicate, slender papillae. Notopodial chaetae weakly bent, with rows of spines. Neuropodial chaetae very long, filamentous with a long spinose part and capillary tip. Pygidium with dorsal anus and a pair of anal cirri.

Up to 70 mm.

Dorsally brown with two light transverse bands. Ventrally grey to colourless. Scales with brown pigment medially and posteriorly.

From 9 to 1272 m.



Life cycle

Arctic, North Atlantic to Skagerrak. Also off Newfoundland, Gulf of Maine, Massachusetts.