Deliverables and Milestones:

Work package 1 - Podstawowe obserwacje oraz modelowanie obecnego stanu oceanów

  1. Deliver POL-NOR dataset
  2. Deliver GIS maps on current ocean state
  3. Deliver hindcast model fields
  4. Report on current Arctic biogeochemical state and variability
  5. Deliver boundary conditions for scenario runs
  1. Workshop with WP2 and WP4 on datasets, scenarios and parameterizations
  2. Data quality control report
  3. Dataset transferred to project grid
  4. Workshop on present state of the Arctic

Work package 2 - Bioróżnorodność fauny morskiej i jej funkcje ekologiczne

  1. Construction of benthic database and delivery to international data center (e.g. Pangaea)
  2. Scientific manuscript on distributional patterns of calcifying taxa in relation to present and expected carbonate saturation levels and other environmental factors in European boreal/Arctic waters
  3. Scientific manuscript on sensitivity of benthic organisms and ecosystem function to predicted future ocean acidification
  1. Completion of benthic data series
  2. Benthic sampling with ships of opportunity
  3. Completion of faunal metrics reflecting importance of calcifying taxa (see above)
  4. Completion of mapping of metrics of calcification importance
  5. Integrated community/saturation state maps

Work package 3 - Współczesna i subfosylna mineralogia szkieletów organizmów arktycznych – osady i szkielety organizmów jako paleośrodowiskowe archiwum

  1. Database containing sediment, skeletal mineralogy combined with environmental parameters
  2. Scientific manuscript on distributional patterns of skeletal mineralogy in relation to present carbonate saturation levels and other environmental factors in European boreal/Arctic waters
  3. Scientific manuscript on functional responses of skeletal growth, calcification, and mineralogy to variation in carbonate saturation state
  1. Assembly of skeletal and sediment mineralogy data
  2. Sediment cores and benthic sampling with ships of opportunity
  3. Analysis of growth and mineralogy of collected long lived benthic organism
  4. Analysis of carbon dating and sediment mineralogy
  5. Integration of mineralogical, carbonate dating data with current and past carbonate saturation levels

Work package 4 - Zmiany w Oceanie Arktycznym oraz ich wpływ na społeczeństwo

  1. Simulations of future 3-D hydrographic and biogeochemical fields
  2. Assessment of seasonal and interannual variability of key climate and ocean acidification variables
  3. Report on key Arctic regions under stress in a changing climate
  4. Scenarios of potential bio-geographical distributions and biodiversity
  5. Multistressor analysis review on key stressors and processes
  6. Report on bioeconomic consequences of climate change on the Arctic benthos
  7. Report on future Arctic biogeochemical state and variability
  1. Workshop held with WP1 and WP2 on datasets, scenarios and parameterisations
  2. First model simulations of climate and biogeochemical change completed
  3. Workshop on hotspots with WP2
  4. Analysis of ecosystems at risk and potential biological tipping points

Work package 5 - Synteza wyników, transfer wiedzy oraz promocja projektu

  1. KickOff and annual meetings reports
  2. Web page launch
  3. Detailed information and promotion plan
  4. Quality and evaluation plan
  5. Progress report on dissemination
  6. Database on physical environment and biota
  7. Mid-term monitoring Progress
  8. Interdisciplinary workshop or summer school with cooperation with APECS on issues related to ocean geochemistry, carbonates production and ocean acidification influence on Arctic biota as well as results obtained during the project
  9. Special-session at high-profile international conference
  10. Draft of thematic volume
  1. KickOff Meeting
  2. Specification of the website
  3. Annual Meetings
  4. Open registration for the Pol-NOR workshop or summer school
  5. Agreement with the journal for POL-NOR thematic issue