WP3 starts with the selection of optimal sensors and equipment. This will include Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) with payload including acoustic sensors and magnetometer, as well as Eco-mapping capabilities and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) equipped with video and acoustic cameras, for objects detection and  identification, and multi sample collection system This task will also select the best equipment for the WP4 Monitoring. Based on experience of co-directors, best equipment will be selected and rented for the test purposes.

Test cruises will be performed in month 6. A test cruise will be performed in cooperation with NATO CMRE Center in the Mediterranean Sea in month 6. An additional test cruise, if needed, will be performed in the Baltic Sea in Month 9. If additional tests are needed, they will be extended in month 9.

Data collected within test cruises will be postprocessed to obtain high quality results, and data will be verified by cross comparison of multiple instruments and position data of targets. Methods developed at this stage will be the base for data handling within the project.

A deliverable of the test cruises will be a suitability report of tested equipment for WPs 3 and 4.

After the report is completed, market research will follow for the final selection of criteria for selected equipment. The deliverable of this stage will be the specification of terms of reference to be used in public bidding (open tender) procedure for purchasing the equipment.

When the equipment is purchased, ships taking part in the project (IOPAS, FI, IORAS and LEPA) will be adjusted to handle AUVs and ROVs operating in the project. This will include modifications of existing infrastructure to suite deployments, retrievals and data collection from devices used in the project.