Title and Name Institution Country NPD/PPD/ Co-Director/Other
Dr. Jacek Bełdowski Institute of Oceanology PAS Poland NPD
Prof. Vadim Paka Shirshov Inst. of Oceanology Russia PPD
Dr. Hans Sanderson Aarhus University Denmark Co-Director
Prof. Paula Vanninen University of Helsinki Finland Co-Director
Dr. Thomas Lang Thünen Institute of Fisheries  Ecology (FI) Germany Co-Director
Terrance P. Long CPSM.SSM.CD. International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions& International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) on Sea Dumped Chemical Weapons (SDW), The Hague Canada Co-Director
Dr. Karl Anders Östin Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI Sweden Co-Director
Dr. Galina Garnaga Environmental Protection Agency Lithuania Co-Director
Prof. Mihkel Kaljurand Tallinn University of Technology Estonia Co-Director