Oceanologia No. 14 (1983)

Zofia Chilicka: Stability analysis for wariants of the system of finite difference equations for long waves

Andrzej Jankowski: A H-N model for the calculation of steasdy wind- and density-driven circulation in the Baltic Sea

Andrzej Majewicz: An atttempt to determine the dynamics of waters in the region of interactiion of the Brazilian and Falkland Currents

Alfred Grelowski, Marianna Pastuszak: Preliminary determination of the occurrence and movement of water masses in the regions of South Georgia Island, the Scotia Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula

Zygmunt Klusek: The effect of internal waves on the fluctuations of the noise field in the sea

Andrzej Furtak, Andrzej Majewicz: The hydrological characteiristics of the shelf waters in the Gulf of Alaska (Summer 1977)

Czesław Garbalewski: Mean spatial distribution of basic physical characteristics and source regions of particle emission from the ocean surface

Bogusław Szpiganowicz: Contents of oxygen and nutrients in the frontal zone of the Brazilian and Falkland Currents

Zofia Różańska, Alina Cywińska: Outline of the number and biomass of bottom fauna in the Vistula Lagoon (Zalew Wiślany)

Pham Van Ninh: Edge waves on shear flow