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Arctic Actiniaria - West Spitsbergen sea anemones
ARGO Polska
ATBI - Arctic, All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory, Hornsund
AWAKE - Arctic Climate and Environment of the Nordic Seas and the Svalbard - Greenland Area
Recent Baltic data
Pacific Arctic Benthic Species - Distributed Biological Observatory
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: BIODAFF
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: EMBS - Bay of Puck
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: Pierwszy Morski Rezerwat w Polsce
Polish National Polar Program 2005-2006 "Part 3 - BIOSPHERE"
Atlas of Arctic Bryozoa
Coupled Ecosystem Model of Baltic Sea
Development of sat. method for Baltic ecosys. monitoring (DESAMBEM)
Face to face
Growing of the Arctic Marine Ecosystem (GAME)
GLAERE - Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia
Habitat Mapping: Project web site
Habitat Mapping: Data base
Habitat Mapping: Bay of Puck - Photographic Atlas
Habitat Mapping: GIS data from Habitat Mapping project
Kelp Associated Fauna In Arctic Fiord (fieldwork report)
Larwood Symposium
Marine Night - Mare Incognitum
Kongsfjord Mollusca Species Gallery
Nauka Obywatelska - Citizen Science
Pelagic Antarctic Ostracods (Ostracoda)
Młodzi w Paleontologii
Polar Time-Lapse
Arctic Polychaeta
SBI (Shelf-Basin Interactions Project)
SIP (Svalbard Intertidal Project)
Sipuncula - the peanut worms
Zostera (Project on restoration and monitoring of sea grass beds in Puck Bay)