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Acces - De-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?
Adamant - Arctic benthic ecosystems under change: the impact of deglaciation and boreal species transportation by macroplastic
Arctic Actiniaria - West Spitsbergen sea anemones
ARGO Polska
ATBI - Arctic, All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory, Hornsund
AWAKE - Arctic Climate and Environment of the Nordic Seas and the Svalbard - Greenland Area
AWAKE-2 - Arctic Climate System Study of Ocean, Sea Ice and Glaciers Interactions in Svalbard Area
Recent Baltic data
Pacific Arctic Benthic Species - Distributed Biological Observatory
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: BIODAFF
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: EMBS - Bay of Puck
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: Pierwszy Morski Rezerwat w Polsce
Polish National Polar Program 2005-2006 "Part 3 - BIOSPHERE"
Atlas of Arctic Bryozoa
Coupled Ecosystem Model of Baltic Sea - 3D CEMBS
Development of sat. method for Baltic ecosys. monitoring (DESAMBEM)
DWINS Interannual variability of properties and distribution of deep and intermediate water in the Nordic Seas
Face to face
FindFISH Knowledge transfer platform
GAME: Growing of the Arctic Marine Ecosystem
Grzbiet Środkowo Atlantycki - Mid-Atlantic Ridge
GLAERE - Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia
Habitat Mapping: Project web site
Habitat Mapping: Data base
Habitat Mapping: Bay of Puck - Photographic Atlas
Habitat Mapping: GIS data from Habitat Mapping project
IDEAL: Investigation of seasonal variability of the water column and sediment denitrification and anammox in the BaLtic Sea
IMBIO Integracja i mobilizacja danych o różnorodności biotycznej Eukaryota w zasobach polskich instytucji naukowych
Intaros Integrated Arctic Observation System
Kelp Associated Fauna In Arctic Fiord (fieldwork report)
Land-Sea-Act - Land-sea interactions advancing Blue Growth in Baltic Sea coastal areas
Larwood Symposium
Marine Night - Mare Incognitum
Kongsfjord Mollusca Species Gallery
Nauka Obywatelska - Citizen Science
Nauka Obywatelska: Akademia Smętowska – "Woda w naszym otoczeniu"
Numeryczny Model Morza Bałtyckiego
Pelagic Antarctic Ostracods (Ostracoda)
Młodzi w Paleontologii
Polar Time-Lapse
Arctic Polychaeta
SatBałtyk - Satellite Environment Control of Baltic Sea
SBI (Shelf-Basin Interactions Project)
SIP (Svalbard Intertidal Project)
Sipuncula - the peanut worms
Societal relevance of Polar Research
Visual companion to Svalbard fjords
Zostera (Project on restoration and monitoring of sea grass beds in Puck Bay)