Ph.D. Program in the field of Natural Sciences, in the discipline of Oceanology,
at the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IO PAN).

The recruitment for the Program is conducted every year in September. The recruitment includes an interview on the merit of the planned work and the test for knowledge of English. The Recruitment Team recommends candidates to the IO PAN Director, who makes the final decision.

Address for correspondence:
Instytut Oceanologii PAN, Powstańców Warszawy 55, 81-712 Sopot

IO PAN Ph.D. Student Government
mgr Małgorzata Kucharska - chair
mgr Natalia Szymańska - vice-chair

The overarching aim of the Ph.D. Program at the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IO PAN) is to educate highly qualified young scientists, ready for conducting independent research on the highest level.

Through the carefully tailored education courses, our Program facilitates effective preparation of the Ph.D. dissertation. Students have full access to the entire Institute infrastructure, and are entitled to individual tutoring, which facilitates obtaining of knowledge necessary to aspire for the title of the Doctor of Natural Sciences in the discipline of Oceanology.
In accordance with the regulations of 14 March 2003 about scientific degrees and the scientific title (Journal of Laws No. 65, item 595 with further changes) the doctoral degree is awarded by the Institute Scientific Council.
Our learning courses are built around the following criteria:

It is our philosophy that each student realizes his/her research plans under the supervision of an experienced researcher, in a world class research team. We strive to fulfil a wide range of student’s needs. We support students’ scientific development and help to build a wide network of scientific contacts, also on an international level. Our researchers have very positive attitude towards work with young scientists. This together with a state-of-the art instrumentation and laboratories facilitates very creative and friendly environment for conducting research.
Over 75% of our doctoral candidates, who start their “scientific adventure” in our Institute, complete their courses and obtain the doctoral title.
We offer a unique possibility of participation in marine research activities from board of the s/y Oceania, both in the Baltic Sea and the European Arctic, mostly around Svalbard archipelago.

Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences offers a scholarship for all freshmen.

Detailed information can be obtained from Assoc. prof. Tymon Zieliński - Program Director
and Assoc. prof. Monika Kędra - Deputy director.


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  1. Zasady rekrutacji
  2. Regulamin Studium (26 czerwca 2012)
  3. Program kształcenia
  4. List of supervisors and research topics
  5. Program seminariów Studium Doktoranckiego, I semestr 2017/2018
  6. Regulamin Samorządu Doktorantów IO PAN
  7. Regulamin przyznawania stypendiów doktoranckich na rok akademicki 2017/2018
  8. Regulamin przyznawania pomocy materialnej
    • zał. 1 - Dokumenty wymagane przy wniosku o stypendium socjalne - PDF, DOC
    • zał. 2 - Wniosek o przyznanie zapomogi - PDF, DOC
    • zał. 3 - Wniosek o przyznanie stypendium socjal. dla osób niepełnosprawnych - PDF, DOC
    • zał. 4 - Form. wniosku o przyznanie stypendium dla najlepszych doktorantów - PDF, DOC
    • zał. 5 - Oświadczenie o niepobieraniu świadczeń na innych studiach dokt. - PDF, DOC
  9. Decyzja Dyrektora IO PAN w sprawie przyjęcia słuchaczy z dniem 01.10.2017
  10. Strumienie finansowania dla doktorantów
  11. Program "Doktorat wdrożeniowy"