Working plan

Work packages
WP6: Database and literature survey on relationships between genome-, cell and body size and temperature (or habitat)
Leader: Prof. Dag Olav Hessen (UiO)

This WP will primarily build on the extensive animal genome database (http://www.genomesize.com/) that currently covers genome size data on 4972 species (3231 vertebrates and 1741 invertebrates). We will here explore taxa covered in our survey for comparison and a wider geographical coverage to the extent that they are covered, but primarily compare genome size among fish and invertebrates for phyla covering a wide thermal gradient in their distribution. Data on distribution, thermal preferences and body size will be obtained from the literature. The objective is to test for patterns – or lack of such – in genome size between Arctic and temperate sites in terrestrial invertebrates, as well as freshwater and marine invertebrates and fish.

 Dominant copepods in Arctic waters with genome size (brackets) scaling to body size. Photo by courtesy of Janne Søreide