Project objectives:

The project will provide an assessment of how the Arctic ecosystem will respond to multiple stressors arising from ocean warming and chemistry change caused by ocean acidification. The project will investigate the control of ocean carbonate chemistry, hydrology, primary productivity and energy transfer on biogenic carbonates and carbonate producers. Our overall goal is to develop new knowledge of future tipping points and thresholds for marine production and resource management.

During the project we will address the following research questions:
  1. What is the rate and regionality of recent past, present and future ocean warming, freshening, productivity and ocean acidification?
  2. What is the scale and variability of present and future Arctic primary productivity?
  3. What is the present biodiversity and distribution of calcifying benthic macrofauna from Atlantic to Arctic waters?
  4. Can the current biogeography be understood in terms of optimal environmental windows?
  5. Does sediment and organism’s skeletal geochemical properties follow recent and present changes in ocean physical and biological properties?
  6. How will physical and biological properties of the ocean change in the future and when will critical thresholds for marine life be met?
  7. What are potential socioeconomic consequences of changing biodiversity on Arctic resources?