Photo gallery:

        September 2016: Analytical work in Natural History Museum (London, UK)        
        S/y Oceania 2016 summer cruise        
        September 2015: r/v Johan Hjortout autumn cruise        
        S/y Oceania 2015 summer sampling cruise        
        X-Ray Diffractioin analysis at Natural History Museum, London, 2.03-13.03.2015        
          KickOff Meeting Sopot, 18-19.04.2015          
          Laboratory work          
          Sampling 2014          
Visit of researchers from the Natural History Museum in London, 17-20th November 2014, Sopot (Poland)
  The second Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART), Science Workshop,21-24th October 2014, Brest (France)  
  Fiords’ sampling, Helmer Hanssen 21th–29th July 2014  
  Fiords’ sampling, Oceania, 16th June –23th July 2014  
  Larwood Symposium, 12-13th June 2014  
  KickOff Meeting Sopot, 3th April 2014