Norwegian fjords diving expedition

Between 29 of June and 12 of July 2014 together with Hariot and Watt University from Edinburg sampling campaign along the Norwegian coast was organized on board of m/v Halton. Expedition started in Bergen and finished in Trondheim. The goal of this trip was to collect samples of bryozoans from shallow subtidal along the latitudinal transect. On behalf of DWARF project Piotr Kuklinski participated in the cruise. All samples were collected using SCUBA diving technique. Four contrasting location along the trip route was selected which yielded in large amount of samples. As bryozoans are mainly encrusting firm substrate the collection focused on rocks. Samples are already in the laboratory in Sopot, Poland ready to being processed.


m/v Halton

Cruise planning

On the way to dive


Between work


Between sites

Going to new locality


Samples stored in Trondheim Biological Station after successful cruise