Oceanologia No. 27 (1989)

Czesław Garbalewski, Janusz Klajnert: Synoptic variability of characteristics of aerosol formation factors in the Norwegian Sea

Czesław Druet, Ryszard Siwecki: Patchiness of hydrophysical fields in the light of data from the PEX-86 experiment obtained at anchored stations

Stanisław Pogorzelski: Statistics of underwater acoustic signals scattered by the rough water surface covered with a layer of oil substances

Bogdan Woźniak, Ryszard Hapter, Jerzy Dera: Light curves of marine plankton photosynthesis in the Baltic

Henryk Renk: Description of seasonal changes of hydrobiological parameters in the Gulf of Gdańsk using a trigonometric polynominal


Spodra Apine: Diurnal dynamics of bacterioplankton in the Gulf of Gdańsk in spring 1987