Center of Excellence for Shelf Sea Studies

Specialised workshop on marine fauna identification 2.

Theme: “Nematoda from European Marine Biodiversity focal sites in Baltic and Svalbard”


Tim Ferrero – Invited Chairman – Natural History Museum, London, UK

Barbara Urban- Malinga – phD, IOPAS, Sopot

Edyta Zaj±czkowska- Jurkiewicz – phD student, University of Szczecin

Aleksandra Piotrowska – University of £ód¼

Aleksander Drags – phD, Sea Fisheries Institute, Gdynia

Joanna Rokicka-Praxmajer – Agriculture University, Szczecin

Date 19 - 25th of April 2004, Sopot, IOPAS, Powstańców Warszawy 55

Preliminary list of tasks

1) Introduction to the nematode identification techniques and tools with presentation of pictoral electronic keys

2) Sampling methods and strategies

3) Unidentified Nematoda species from present collections – how to proceed with the identification

4) A review of useful literature for the Baltic- Arctic Nematoda identification

5) The preparation of simple pictoral key for the web page of BIODAFF-BIOMARE that will allow correct determination of FIVE key polychaeta species from the Baltic & Kongsfjorden-Hornsund area

6) Discussion on possible joint paper from sampling stations in Baltic & Kongsfjorden – introduction to the possible monitoring program

7) compilation of known species list examined localities with geographic references, that will allow to present the data in the web page

The main deliverables of the workshop is the training of new students in Nematoda identification, upgrading the advanced colleagues and the revised Nematoda taxonomic lists for the selected localities.

Preliminary Agenda

19th April, Monday

08.30 – opening of the workshop – CESSS representative

08.45 – The introductory lecture by Tim Ferrero “ Nematoda identification as a tool in marine ecology” - planned as an open lectur for more attendees than workshop participants

10.00 – coffee break

10.30 – laboratory for workshop participants

14.00 – lunch

15.00 – laboratory

16.00 – coffee

16.30 – laboratory

19.00 – dinner

20th April, Tuesday

08.00 – Laboratory

10.00 – coffee break

10.30 – laboratory

14.00 – lunch

15.00 – laboratory

16.00 – coffee

16.30 – laboratory

19.00 – dinner

The following days 21st – 23rd of the same schedule,

24th April, Saturday

08.00 – Closing the workshop,

10.00 – departure of participants, social activities

Planned equipment to be available for the workshop

Mikroscope Nikon Eclipse 3600, video system and Lucia image analyzer program – IOPAS

Microscope Olympus with 100x - IOPAS

Microscope Olympus with 100x and video system – Sea Fisheries Institute, Gdynia

Two Microscopes with 100x – University of Szczecin

Microscope from the University of Gdansk