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The Centre of Excellence for Shelf Seas Science (CeSSS) the projects under the 5th Framework Programme. The Centre is designed to strengthen co-operation among leading centres and bridging the Western and Eastern European shelf seas experts. The specific objectives of the CeSSS, contributing to the integration with the European Research Area are: to direct the Centre's potential towards advanced fields of physical and chemical oceanography and the ecology of shelf sea systems through the organisation of conferences, workshops and exchange visits, to improve links with outstanding marine centres in the EU (especially in the countries around the Baltic Sea and European Arctic Seas), to re-establish links with leading marine universities and institutes in the Newly Associated States and Russia, to organise international co-operative research cruises on board the Centre research vessel Oceania, to extend existing PhD studies focused on oceanology and fishery to postgraduates from abroad, and to disseminate the results of the Centre's activities to the scientist communities and people living along sea coasts.

Address and telephones

ul. Powstancow Warszawy 55, 81-712 Sopot, Poland
Telephone: operator (+48 58) 551 72 81,
Director (+48 58) 550 32 32
Fax: (+48 58) 551 21 30

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Last updated on January 22, 2006

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