Web Page for European Marine Biodiversity Research Sites on Svalbard
Kongsfjorden (LTBR – Long Term Biodiversity Research) & Hornsund (ATBI – All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory)

This web page is sponsored by the MARBEF – Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Network of Excellence & ArcOD – Arctic Ocean Diversity – Census of Marine Life program and maintained by Department of Ecology, Institute of Oceanology, PAN, Sopot and the project from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education number 333/N-IPY/2008/0

About this web page
The foundation of this web page was international project BIODAFF (Biodiversity and Fluxes in Arctic Glaciated Fjords) started in 1996 as an initiative coordinated by the Institute of Oceanology PAS and the Norsk Polarinstitutt. Since its inception, several research groups and individual scientists have participated in the project (see contacts). The EU 5th Framework Concerted Action BIOMARE (2000- 2002) generated the idea of European Marine Biodiversity Sites (EMBS) - a selection of localities where marine biodiversity research will be focused in the coming years. MARBENA, another Shared Cost Activity of the EU, dealt with the implementation of the BIOMARE research agenda. Two fjords located on Svalbard have been selected as EMBS - Hornsund for the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) and Kongsfjorden for Long-term Biodiversity Research (LTBR). This web page will serve as an open information forum for all those interested in marine biodiversity research at European Arctic EMBS. The map below highlights the locations of the EMBS.
  1. EMBS sheet - Hornsund
    EMBS sheet - Kongsfjorden
  2. Thematic maps
  3. Physical environment
  4. Marine species lists
  5. Habitats gallery
  6. Species gallery
  7. Identification sheets for keystone species
  8. Recommended sampling & sorting methods
  9. Recommended biodiversity measures
  10. Recommended sampling sites
  11. References for the site
  12. Contacts
  13. Monitoring stations
  14. Data from Hornsund
  15. Svalbard Intertidal Project Web page
  16. Maps
  17. Arctic & ATBI - Hornsund distribution maps

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