Oceanologia No. 29 (1990)

Barbara Cyberska, Zbigniew Lauer: Oxygen and thermohaline conditions in the Polish fishing zone in 1979-1983

Anna Trzosińska: Seasonal fluctuations and long-term trends of nutrient concentrations in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea

Henryk Renk: Primary production of the Southern Baltic in 1979-1983

Irena Ciszewska: Quantitative changes in the Baltic meeozooplankton on the basis of monitoring within the 1979—l983 period

Bogdan Woźniak, Mirosława Ostrowska: Composition and resources of photosynthetic pigments of the sea phytoplankton

Bogdan Woźniak, Mirosława Ostrowska: Optical absorption properties of phytoplankton in various seas

Bogdan Woźniak: Statistical relations between photosynthesis and abiotic conditions of the marine environment; an initial prognosis of the World Ocean productivity ensuing from warming up of the Earth

Mirosława Ostrowska: Fluorescence "in situ" method for the determination of chlorophyll a concentration in sea

Marek Ostrowski: On the sound scattering at 30 kHz and its relationship to the large-scale circulation pattern in the Greenland Sea

Jerzy Olszewski, Maciej Sokólski: Elimination of the surface background in contactleas sea investigations