Oceanologia No. 19 (1984)

Zofia Chilicka, Zygmunt Kowalik: Influence of water exchange between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea on storm surges in the Baltic

Zofia Chilicka: Verification of a certain numerical model with the real storm surge of December 1976 in the Baltic Sea

Longina Felkier, Czesław Garbalewski: Transport of iodine and mercury contained in submicronic aerosol particles over relatively clean seas (the Antarctic) and polluted ones (the Baltic)

Andrzej Orłowski: Application of multiple echoes energy measurements for evaluation of sea bottom type

Jolanta Koszteyn, Alina Sołtys-Krajewska: Structural changes and distribution of the mesozooplankton in the Gulf of Gdańsk in an annual cycle

Marcin Pliński, Ireneusz Florczyk: Analysis of the composition and vertical distribution of the macroalgae in western part of the Gulf of Gdańsk in 1979 and 1980

Anna Szaniawska, Maciej Wołowicz: Seasonal changes of oxygen consumption by Crangon crangon L. (Crustacea, Natantia) in Gulf of Gdańsk