Oceanologia No. 16 (1983)

Zofia Chilicka, Zygmunt Kowalik, Zygmunt Wierzbicki: Consltruction of a numerical model of storm surges with a refined grid

Andrzej Jankowski: An H-N model for the calculation of steady wind- and density-driven circulation in the Baltic Sea. Part II

Zofia Ringers: Phytoplankton of shelf zone of the north-east Pacific Ocean

Jolanta Koszteyn: Morphological variability and individual development cycle of Sagitta enflata (Grassi) 1881 as compared with the shelf water dynamics of North-West Africa

Bożena Adamkiewicz-Chojnacka, Krystyna Mrozowska: A cluster analysis of zooplankton numbers in the Vistula Lagoon

Bożena Adamkiewicz-Chojnacka: Dynamics of the Vistula Lagoon zooplankton numbers

Bożena Adamkiewicz-Chojnacka: Morphollogical and anatomical investigations of the speclies Furcellaria fastigiata (Huds.) Lam. from Puck Bay

Andrzej Tadeusz Simm: Sceletonema costatum (Grev.) Cleve culture in artifical sea water

Janusz Pempkowiak: Occurrence of metalorganic complexes in water of the Baltic Sea