Oceanologia No. 15 (1983)

Józef Kowalewski, Danuta Wielbińska: Characteristics of variation of meteorological elements in Ezcurra Inlet during the Polish Academy of Sciences Second Antarctic Expedition from 20 December 1977 to 16 March 1978

Ryszard Bojanowski: Hydrochemical observations at an anchored station in Ezcurra Inlet

Mirosław Jonasz: Particulate matter in the Ezcurra Inlet: concentration and size distributions

Zygmunt Catewicz: Variability of water flow in the Ezcurra Inlet

Zygmunt Catewicz, Zygmunt Kowalik: Harmonic analysis of tides in Admiralty Bay

Jerzy Olszewski: The basis optical properties of the water in the Ezcurra Inlet

Bogdan Woźniak, Byszard Hapter, Barbara Maj: The inflow of solar energy and the irradiance of the euphotic zone in the region of Ezcurra Inlet during the Antarctic summer of 1977/78

Ryszard Hapter, Bogdan Woźniak, Krzysztof Dobrowolski: Primary production in Ezcurra Inlet during the Antarctic summer of 1977/78

Jerzy Dera, Teresa Węgleńska: Bioluminescence of zooplankton in the Antarctic fiord Ezcurra Inlet

Andrzej A. Marsz: From surveys of the geomorphology of the shores and bottom of the Ezcurra Inlet