Baltic Sea:

  • the mesoscale phenomena (fronts, eddies, currents, etc.), their origin, development, characteristic features and interactions in the sea
  • the inflows of North Sea water into Baltic Sea, the transport conditions (with particular regard to the part of the Stolpe Sill and Stolpe Channel area), the influence on the termohaline fields structures in the deep basins of Baltic Sea
  • the mixing and transport of the inland origin waters into surrounding open sea area (on example the Pomeranian Bay and Gdansk Bay)
  • Saltwater Inflow, winter 2003 - see details

Baltic CTD data:

Arctic Seas:

West Spitsbergen Current:

  • structure, dynamics and variability
  • Atlantic Water layer conditions
  • volume transport, heat and salt content
  • geostrophic currents
  • interannual variability
  • warm impact to the Arctic Ocean through the Fram Strait

Norwegian and Greenland - Barents Sea Exchange Region:

  • hydrological regime and water volume transport
  • interannual changes of the physical fields
  • dense water formation

Arctic Front:

  • termohaline structure and dynamics
  • mesoscale features - meanders and eddies
  • cross frontal transport