On-going projects
  • NCN (National Science Center - OPUS 9) “Transport pathways and accumulation history of heavy metals in two Spitsbergen fjords that are influenced by different environmental conditions - ARCTICON”, 2016-2019 (A. Zaborska – project leader, J. Walkusz-Miotk, A.Pouch - participants)
  • NCN (National Science Center) OPUS 10 "Cryoconites in polar regions and their role in accumulation of atmospheric contaminants", 2017-2020 ( E. Łokas IFJ PAS - project leader, A. Zaborska, J. Walkusz-Miotk - participants from IO PAN)
  • NCN (National Science Center - PRELUDIUM 10) “Arsenic speciation in the environment of southern Baltic Sea”, 2017-2019 (M. Szubska – project leader, J. Bełdowski, K. Pazdro - parcticipants)
  • JRC Exploratory Research Project ”Riverine and Marine floating macro litter Monitoring and Modelling of Environmental Loading, Riverine Litter Observation Network - RIMMEL”, 2015-2017 (G. Siedlewicz, A. Malenga, K. Pazdro)
  • Polish-Norway Grants “Declining size - a general response to climate warming in Arctic fauna - DWARF”, 2013-2017 (M. Włodarska-Kowalczuk – Project leader, A. Zaborska - participant)
  • Polish-Norway Grants “Climate change impact on ecosystem health – marine sediment indicators - CLISED”, 2013-2017 (G.Kowalewska – Project coordinator, A. Zaborska, A.Pouch - participants)
  • NCN (National Science Center - OPUS 7) “Remobilization of mercury from the land to the sea under savage meteorological and hydrological conditions “, 2015 – 2018 (M.Bełdowska UG – project leader; J. Bełdowski, M. Szubska – participants from IO PAN)
  • EU Baltic Sea Region Programme “Decision Aid For Marine Munitions - DAIMON”, 2016-2019 (J. Bełdowski – project coordinator, M. Szubska, G.Siedlewicz - participants)
  • NCN (National Science Center - OPUS 11) “Assessment of the groundwater discharge as a source of pharmaceuticals residues in the marine environment of the Bay of Puck - PharmSeepage”, 2017-2019 (B. Szymczycha – project leader, K.Pazdro, G.Siedlewicz, A.Malenga - participants)

Completed projects
  • NCN (National Science Center - Maestro) “Growing of the Arctic Marine Ecosystem – GAME”, 2012-2015 (J.M. Węsławski – project leader, A. Zaborska, K. Pazdro, A. Winogradow, A. Malenga - participants)
  • Grant Science for Peace and Security NATO, “Towards Monitoring of Dumped Munitions Threat - MODUM”, NATO SPS.EAP.SFP 984589,2013-2016 (J. Bełdowski – project coordinator, M. Szubska)
  • NCN (National Science Center - Opus) “Spatial variability of benthic trophic food webs - 4age”, 2013-2015 (J. Legeżyńska – project leader, A. Zaborska, K.Pazdro - participants)
  • NCBiR (Applied Research Programme of the National Centre for Research and Development) “Development of the selection method of the offshore wind turbine support structure for polish maritime areas – AQUILO”, 2012-2015 (S. Kowalczyk – project leader, K. Pazdro, J. Bełdowski, A. Zaborska, J. Walkusz-Miotk, A. Malenga - participants)
  • EU Baltic Sea Region project “Chemical Munitions search & assess – CHEMSEA”, 2011-2014 (J. Bełdowski – project coordinator, M. Szubska, J. Walkusz-Miotk – participants)
  • ANTYB - Contamination of the Gulf of Gdańsk bottom sediments by biologically active compounds from the group of antibiotics (WFOŚ/D/110/132/2011).
  • Bioavailability and methylation potential of mercury in the Baltic Sea and Greenland Sea environments (2010-2013). Project financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Antibiotic residues in sediments from the southern Baltic Sea - concentrations and influence on bacteriocenosis (2011-2013).Project financed by National Center of Science. No.154355 (Pazdro K., Siedlewicz G.)
  • Risk assessment of pharmaceuticals presence of in the southern Baltic coastal areas, 2009-2011 founded by Polish Research Council. (Pazdro K., Siedlewicz G.)
  • Carbon fluxes in Atlantic and Arctic waters mixing zones, Greenland SeaCarbon fluxes in Atlantic and Arctic waters mixing zones, Greenland Sea, 2008-2010, founded by Polish Research Council. (Zaborska A.)
  • Allocation of contaminants by birds in Hornsund, Svalbard, 2006-2008, founded by Polish Research Council (Zaborska A., Pazdro K.)
  • Benthic sedimentary processes in the northwestern Barents Sea, 2005-2007, founded by Polish Research Council. (Zaborska A., Pazdro K.)