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This is my best photo on R/V Oceania

This is my new photo from our 2008 holidays

My address:

Violetta Drozdowska
Institute of Oceanology PAS
ul. Powstancow Warszawy 55
PL-81-217 Sopot, Poland


(+48 58) 5517281 x.201 and (+48 58) 7311 801

(+48 58) 5512130

My job:

At first, I worked in Lidar Laboratory of Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot, Poland as a physicist.

Laboratory members
It's not hard to guess where I stand
In 2005 I defended my PhD in a field of Oceanology and Earth Sciences
Now I work in Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory of IO PAS
My CV is here:
And a couple of months ago I looked like here...

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