Oceanologia No. 36 (2) /1994


Andrzej Wróblewski: Analysis and long-term forecast of sea levels along the Polish Baltic Sea coast Part II. Annual mean sea levels – forecast to the year 2100

Radosław Gąsowski, Jadwiga Mrozek-Lejman: Fluorometric method for determining the thickness of a crude oil film formed on the water surface

Zbigniew Otremba: The influence of an oil-film covered sea surface on the reflection and upward transmission of light

Lidia Dzierzbicka-Głowacka: Numerical analysis of the influence of grazing on the two-dimensional distribution function of the phytoplankton concentration in a stratified sea

Zbigniew Tukaj: The toxicity of three dispersed diesel fuel oils and dispersant towards some Scenedesmus (Chlorococcales) species


Jan Piechura: The 19th Conference of Baltic Oceanographers

Ryszard Kotliński, Michał Wilczyński: The new order in the world’s oceans and seas and the activities of the registered pioneer investors

Henryk Gurgul: The 100th anniversary of the Fridtjöf Nansen expedition to the North Pole


Bogdan Woźniak: Marine photosynthetic primary production bio-optical models (collection of scientific papers) (review by Henryk Renk)

Paweł Schlichtholz: Modified variational method for reconstruction of hydrophysical fields in the sea and its application in the Fram Strait (review by Andrzej Jankowski)