Oceanologia No. 34 (1993)

Janusz Pempkowiak: Prof Leonard Falkowski (Obituary)

Joachim Domsta: Radiance reflectance of homogeneous plane parallel layers

Jerzy Dera, Sławomir Sagan, Dariusz Stramski: Focusing of sunlight by sea surface waves: new results from the Black Sea

Jolanta Kuśmierczyk-Michulec: The aerosol optical thickness of the atmosphere over the Norwegian Sea obtained from different experimental data

Janusz Pempkowiak, Zofia Szponar: The complexing capacities of humic substances isolate from Baltic sediments and their molecular weight fractions towards copper(II) and iron(III)

Henryk Renk: Estimation of carbon release from phytoplankton cells during photosynthesis in the Gulf of Gdańsk

Leonard Falkowski, Ksenia Pazdro, Jolanta Lewandowska, Christopher Osterroht, Marek Ślebioda: A method for determining free fatty acids (FFA) in marine plankton and sediments by means of high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of their p-nitrobenzy esters

Urszula Jonas, Zbigniew Witek: The occurrence of medusae in the southern Baltic and their importance in the ecosystem, with special emphasis on Aurelia aurita