Oceanologia No. 30 (1991)

Piotr Szefer Prof. Stanisław Ostrowski (Obituary)

Jerzy Dera, Anna Rozwadowska: Solar radiation variability over the Baltic Sea due to weather conditions

Czesław Druet, Andrzej Jankowski: Flow across south and east boundaries of the Norvegian Sea

Lucyna Falkowska, Jerzy Bolałek: Nitrogen and phosphorus exchange in the contact zone between the sea and the atmosphere

Jerzy Bolałek, Andrey Vershinin: Oxygen uptake kinetics at the sediment-sea water interface in the Puck Bay

Jan Nakonieczny, Henryk Renk, Józef Wiktor: Chlorophyll concentration and distribution in the Southern Baltic in the years 1979-1983

Zbigniew Mudryk, Krzysztof Korzeniewski, Lucyna Falkowska: Bacterio-logical investigation of the surface microlayer of the Gulf of Gdańsk

Jerzy Bolałek, Lucyns Falkowska, Halina Jankowska, Andrey Vershinin: Investigations on the transfer of chemical substances at the water-sediment interface in the Puck Bay