Oceanologia No. 21 (1985)

Prof. Stanisław Darski (Obituary)

Adam Krężel: Solar radiation at the Baltic Sea surface

Czesław Druet, Ryszard Siwecki: Small-scale stratification of the density field and its influence on the suspensions’ concentration

Zygmunt Catewicz, Ryszard Siwecki: On currents in the coastal zone of African shelf off Saint Louis

Marianna Pastuszak: Distribution of some nutrients in the southern Baltic in Aug/Sept 1983 in relation to conditions in two previous years

Henryk Renk, Jerzy Filarski, Stanisław Ochocki, Barbara Piechowska: Energetic value and lipid content of the Baltic zooplankton

Krystyna Wiktor: An attempt to determine trophic structure of the bottom fauna in coastal waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk