A preliminary plan of:

Third Workshop





Sopot - Sulęczyno

8 - 12 October 2001


sponsored by the Polish State Committee for Scientific

and organised by the Marine Physics Department of the Institute of Oceanology PAS in Sopot,

the Environmental Physics Department of the Pomeranian Pedagogical University in Słupsk

and the Departament of Biophysics of the Lomonosov University in Moscow.

9 October 2001

Session 1

8.30 am

Bio-optical study of marine photosynthesis

Session Chair: Vadim N. Pelevin

Modelling of main light-stimulated processes in marine algae.

Current problem of marine photosynthesis study.

Questions in suspended matter absorption capacity determination.

Results of Baltic phytoplankton pigments composition in the light of HPLC study.

Simple algorithms of determining marine algae photophysiological parameters in natural conditions.

“Optical” package effect in phytoplankton of natural conditions.

Cafe break 10.30-11.15 am


Modelling of quantum yield of photosynthesis in different sea systems.

Quantum yield of photosynthesis in the Baltic Sea.

The fluorometric methods of photosynthesis characteristics determining - the theoretical basis.

Practical PumpProbe fluorometric algorithm of some photosynthesis characteristics determining.

Attenuation absorption cross spectra of phytoplankton in the light of theoretical modelling.

Light absorption and attenuation processes in the Baltic Sea waters - long term investigation results.

10 October 2001

Session 2

8.30 am

Fluorymetric study of algae photosynthesis

Session Chair: Jerzy Dera

Regulation of the primary photosynthetic processes under natural conditions.

The relationship between processes of chlorophyll fluorescence quenching and the primary production of phytoplankton.

Application of chlorophyll fluorometry for biological monitoring of the effects of environmental pollution on near-shore aquatic phytocenoses.

A preliminary fluorometric study of chl a content in Pomeranian lakes.

Principles of fluorometric methods and equipment for the assessment of the state of photosynthetic apparatus in algae.

Cafe break 10.30-11.15 am

Effect of intense light fluxes on the condition of photosynthetic apparatus in green and diatomic algae.

Application of microfluorometry for the assessment of the ecological condition of aquatic phytocenoses.

Application of a set of fluorometric equipment in studies of the condition of phytoplankton community (by the example of near-shore regions of the Black Sea).

The use of chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics for measuring photosynthetic rates in natural phytoplankton.

Measurement of phytoplankton photosynthesis rate using a pump-and-probe fluorometer

11 October 2001

Session 3

8.30 am

Remote sensing study of marine ecosystem and relative topic

Session Chair: Andriei Rubin


Modelling of bio-optical parameters of open ocean waters.

Parametrization of light scattering for solution of inverse problem of main light scattering and absorbing admixtures concentrations determination in shelf waters.

Determination of organic substance concentration in natural waters using the fluorescence in the beam of impulse UV lidar.

Baltic Sea net long-wave radiation flux - a brief presentations of new results.

Color coordinates of upwelling sea radiation and their dependence on substances concentrations containing in sea water.

To possibility of remote sensing determination of chlorophyll and “yellow substances” concentrations using spectral sea radiation at the shores of Antarctic Continent.

To some conditions of deep convection development in atmosphere resulting in tropical cyclones (hurricanes) generation.

Cafe break 11.15-12.00 am


Session Chair: B. Woźniak