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Elegancja, wyrafinowanie, inteligencja, holistyczność - czyli jak się Emilia Trudnowska na doktora broniła, 15.02.2016 NEW!
Co by Państwo bez moich badań zrobili, no co ?! - czyli jak się Monika Orchowska na doktora broniła, 23.03.2015.
PONTONS 16.05.2016.
Our long term Student Piotr Bałazy defended his Phd thesies - 17 Feb 2014.
Emilka Dziunia Jankowska's Feet Food Project or how we were trying to dive in winter, Jan 2014.
"Oceania" cruise in search of salty water outlet - 16 May 2012.
The End of NAGISA November 2011.
Our long term Martusia Ronowicz defended her Phd thesies on lovely autumn day - 16 Nov 2010.
Bowling for Columbine - April 2010.
"Oceania" cruise in search of Mytilus edulis - 14 May 2009.
Our long term friend and scientist Marysia Włodarska-Kowalczuk defended her habilitation colloquium and has became almost professor on 26 Feb 2009.
Our long term Monika Kędra defended her Phd thesies in 2008 and insisted of having her pictures on this pages, so here you are...
Our long term Phd student Wojtek Walkusz defended his Phd thesies and has become full PhD on 21 Nov 2006.