kasia PhD Kasia Grzelak
Department of Marine Ecology
Institute of Oceanology PAN

Powstańców Warszawy 55
81-712 Sopot, POLAND
tel: (+ 48 58) 731 17 83
fax: (+ 48 58) 551 21 30
e-mail: kgrzelak[at]iopan.gda.pl


2016-2019post-doctoral researcher, University of Łódź, Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Hydrobiology
since 2015research scientist, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences
2015PhD, Institute of Oceanology PAN
2013-2015research assistant, Institute of Oceanology PAN, Sopot
2011-2013oceanographer, Institute of Oceanology PAN, Sopot
2007- 2012PhD studies, Institute of Oceanology, PAN
2007MSc at the University of Gdańsk

Main scientific interests
Projects (last 5 years)

2016-2019Nematodes in different sea ice regime in the Arctic Ocean- structural, functional and genetic aspects project founded by the National Science Centre - principal investigator
2014-2015Sub-seabed CO2 storage: impact on marine ecosystems project founded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme - investigator
2013-2015Face2Face: From benthos-dominated to zooplankton dominated-mode: two faces of the Arctic fjords project founded by the National Science Centre - investigator
2011-2015Diversity of Nematoda from deep-sea subarctic Atlantic Ocean (Fram Strait) project founded by the National Science Centre - principal investigator
2011-2014CHEMSEA: Chemical Munitions, Search and Assessment roject founded by the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme - investigator

Awards and fellowships

2019-2020Fulbright Senior Award scholarship for conducting research at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, USA
2017-2020Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists, Ministry of Science and Higher Education
2016Kosciuszko Foundation Award for conducting research at Stony Brook - University, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS), Long Island, USA
2016-2017beneficent of three research fellowships SYNTHESYS (The European Union-funded Integrated Infrastructure Initiative grant)
  • Natural History Museum of Denmark University of Copenhagen (DK-TAF-6523)
  • Senckenberg Research Institute German Center for Marine Biodiversity Research (DE-TAF-6464)
  • Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen (DK-TAF-5319)
2015Senckenberg Research Institute German Center for Marine Biodiversity Research Wilhelmshaven - Germany
2012Ghent University - Marine Biology Research Group - Belgium fellowship funded by FNRS and FWO

Training courses

2018 Metabarcoding of Trophic Interactions - University of Innsbruck - Austria
2015 The Senckenberg Course in Taxonomy and Systematics‘ - Drezno - Germany
2013 MeioScool2013: Meiofauna International Workshop - Brest - France
2012 Summer School organized by Doctoral School of Natural Science and of (Bioscience) Engineering, Ghent University ‘Nematodes as Environmental Bio-Indicators’ - Gent - Belgium
2011 PERMANOVA course· Plymouth - Great Britain
2010 ’Numerical methods in ecology’ statistical course - Toruń - Poland
2009 STATISTICA and CANOCO course - Sopot - Poland
2009 PRIMER course - Plymouth - Great Britain
2008 ‘Experimental design and data analysis for marine biology’ - Sven Loven Centre for Marine Science - Tjärnö - Sweden
2007 MANUELA Workshop- Sampling and Laboratory Techniques in Meiobenthology - Wilhelmshaven - Germany
2006 Summer school on ‘Diversity of Coastal Habitats’ - Sylt-Helgoland - Germany

Publications peer-reviewed