Welcome to Svalbard hydroids website.

I would like to invite you to explore a poorly known world of hydroids from Arctic. This page is dedicated to present a species diversity in Svalbard waters.


In the Introduction, study object - hydroids and study area are introduced and some information about the project is given.

The Species list provide a species portrait of each species found during the project with a morphological description of species, some ecological and biological information, pictures facilitating identification.

The Terminology part is to explain specific terms that are used.

Links will take you to other pages connected to the subject matter of the current study.

The Literature given was a foundation to create this page and is recommended as a basic tool to properly identify species.

Species presented on web page are stored at the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences. In some cases, if the species was not in adequate conditions, specimens stored in the collection of British Natural History Museum in London were photographed (what is marked in each species description).

Thank you for visiting this web site.



This web site was created within the international Census of Marine Life programme (Arctic Ocean Diversity - ArcOD project), and was financially supported by Polish Ministry of Education and Science (project number: DPN/N63/AODP/2009).