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Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory

The people:

Research subject: Air - Sea Interaction

The main research themes are:
  1. Determining the source functions of the sea aerosol over the Baltic Sea.
  2. Parametrization of turbulent heat exchange and mass transfer fluxes between the sea and atmosphere in relation to the effect of the droplets on the turbulent flux.
  3. Calculations of aerosol fluxes in the breaker zone.

History of our Laboratory

Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory in Institute of Oceanology PAS has existed since 1979. The Laboratory was set up by Prof. C. Garbalewski who was the first person in the IO PAS to stress the importance of aerosol in the mass transfer between the sea and atmosphere. In 1991 Dr. Tomasz Petelski took over the responsibility for the Lab. after Prof. C. Garbalewski had retived. The laboratory's activities focus on mathematical modelling and the investigating the process of mass and energy transfer in the boundary layer. the main research equipment used to determine the concentration and the characteristic of sea-salt in the air consist of six-stage impactors as well as state-of- the -art particle laser counter PMS. The staff participate in the research cruises of the r/v Oceania on the Baltic and North Seas. Another kind of the conducted research work are shore experiments. The research method of investigating the aerosol in the coastal zone was developed in the Lab. and was the grounds of launching the BAEX international research project.
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