WeightLESS: branch and topology testing using weighted least squares

zip files with source for Uni*x, complied for Windoze:  
ver. 2.93 (the original version),
ver. 3.02 (important correction: a mixture of chi-square distributions),
ver. 3.05 (important correction: in FITCH and previous versions the weighed sums of squares are wrongly inflated by a factor of 2)

Please cite (describes the method; ver. 2.93 was used): Sanjuan R.,Wróbel B., (2005) Weighted Least-Squares Likelihood Rato Test for branch testing in phylogenies reconstructed from distance measures Syst. Biol., 54, 218-229.
ver. 3.02 was used in: Kijewska, A., Czarna A., Fernández M., Zdzitowiecki K., Rokicki J., .,Wróbel B., (2008) Analysis of 5.8S rDNA and internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1) sequences of ascaridoid nematodes: phylogenetic signal and hypothesis testing. Genes and Genomics, 30, 291-306.