Summary of our projects:

Modelling of biological processes in the sea: We investigate basic mechanisms of evolution using an artificial life platform developed in our lab. Artificial organisms (animats) in this platform can develop in 3-dimensions from one cell. Cell division, death, differentiation and movement is controlled by artificial gene regulatory networks. We investigate the evolution of network structure and animat morphology and behaviour in a simulated marine environment. Click here for more details.

Biodiversity of viruses and bacteria in the sea: Bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria) are perhaps the most abundant life form on Earth. To express their total number one would need to write 1 with more than 32 zeros. We investigate the genetic and morphological diversity of bacteriophages in different climatic zones: temperate, polar and subtropical. Click here to see the report from preliminary sampling in Svalbard. Click on the movie below to see us collecting sediment samples on s/y Oceania in May 2007. The movie is available here for download (WMV, 90 MB).