Ph.D. thesis

  • "Carotenoids in sediments as markers of processes taking place in marine environment"; Magdalena Krajewska; supervisor: prof. Grażyna Kowalewska, co-supervisor: dr inż. Małgorzata Szymczak-Żyła, start of procedure: 08.11.2016.
  • "Organotin compounds (OTs) in coastal zone of the Southern Baltic Sea – influence of the environmental conditions on distribution and degradation" – Anna Filipkowska; supervisor: prof. Grażyna Kowalewska, public defence: 01.12.2011.
  • "Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments of the Gulf of Gdańsk as markers of different pollution sources of this basin" (in Polish, summary in English); Ludwik Lubecki; supervisor: prof. Grażyna Kowalewska; doctoral defence: 21.01.2010 .
  • "The Use of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for Detection of Organic Pollutants in Coastal Waters" (in English); Jens Pfannkuche; supervisors: prof. Grażyna Kowalewska and prof. Heinz-Detlef Kronfeldt from Technical University of Berlin; doctoral defence: 19.10.2009 (in English).
  • "Influence of selected environmental factors in the sea on the decomposition of chlorophyll a" (in Polish, summary in English); Małgorzata Szymczak-Żyła; supervisor: prof. Grażyna Kowalewska; doctoral defence: 26.09.2006.
  • "Polychlorinated biphenyls in the southern Baltic Sea - distribution and pathways" (in Polish); Joanna Konat-Stepowicz; supervisor: prof. Grażyna Kowalewska; doctoral defence: 22.04.2003.