'Wetlands, Algae and Biogas - A Southern Baltic Sea Eutrophication Counteract Project', 01.02.2010-31.12.2012 - Project part-financed by the South Baltic Cross-border Cooperation Programme, 2007-2013.


WAB project ( )is made up of 11 cooperating partners in Sweden and Poland. The core areas for implementation and testing are Trelleborg in Sweden and Sopot in Poland. In the framework of WAB project coastal macroalgae, that are produced as a result of nutrient leakage, as well as vegetation from constructed wetlands will be collected, and used both as additional biomass for biogas production, in Trelleborg. By doing this the WAB project will indicate possibility to remove nutrients from the Baltic Sea in an economically efficient and holistic process, that could result in a required reversal of nutrient flows. The system for monitoring of extent and trends of eutrophication. The nutrient content in collected macroalgae will be estimated, in Sopot. The project presents innovative, holistic approach to solving Baltic eutrophication problem, one of the main problems of this sea. The project can deliver economically as well as environmentally useful solutions. Once implemented the principles of WAB can be transferred to other locations around the Baltic Sea that are experiencing similar issues with excess algae growth, eutrophication and in result deterioration of the environment and lost of usable, tourist and recreation revenue.

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Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). South Baltic Cross-Border CO-Operation Programme 2007 - 2013 (3rd Call).